Terms and Conditions

Online Booking – Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon booking an appointment time online, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please check your junk mail should this email not be received in your inbox shortly after your booking is placed.  If this email is not received, please send an email to info@mamaandbump.com.au to confirm that your booking has been received.  You will receive a reminder text message a few days before your appointment.
  2. Should you need to reschedule your appointment once the online booking is confirmed, please contact Renee on 0413 954 653 (text messages are welcome).
  3. Should you need to cancel your appointment once the online booking is confirmed, please phone Renee on 0413 954 653.  It is asked that you provide the most amount of time possible before the scheduled appointment.  Failure to provide less than 4 hours notice may incur a cancellation fee.
  4. Failure to attend the booked appointment without making contact with Mama & Bump will incur a cancellation fee.


Gift Certificate – Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings are essential.
    Please phone or text 0413 954 653  or book online via the Mama & Bump website. Saturdays are a popular day for bookings, therefore it is recommended that you book in advance to ensure you secure an appointment that is most convenient for you and to avoid disappointment.
  1. Gift Certificates are not refundable.
  1. Your Gift Certificate cannot be redeemed for cash.
  2. Please present the Gift Certificate upon arrival.
  3. Expiry Date of Gift Certificates – If purchased before 10 December 2018 expiry of the Gift Certificate will occur 12 months from the date of purchase.  If purchased after 10 December 2018 the expiry of the gift card will occur 3 years from the date of purchase.
  4. Expired Gift Certificates – Expired gift vouchers will still be honoured (no matter how expired they are) however they will only be honoured for the value of their original purchase price, based on prices that were current at date of purchase.  In the event of a price rise since the gift certificate’s expiry date, you may use the value of your certificate towards any goods and or services at Mama & Bump. If your gift certificate only mentions a ‘specific’ service that you have been gifted instead of a monetary value, the value of that service at time of purchase is how much the certificate will be equal to.
  5. Price Rises –  If the gift certificate is for a ‘specific’ service, rather than a monetary value, the price of that service is held for the first 12 months from the date of purchase of the gift certificate.  After the first 12 months it is then valued at the price of that ‘specific’ service at the date it was purchased, which means the recipient may need to pay the difference for the service if indeed a price rise has occurred.
  6. You may exchange any service that has been purchased for you for another of the same value, or you may exchange the service with a higher value service and pay the difference. For example, you may not have been able to use your pregnancy massage Gift Certificate before baby’s arrival, therefore you are welcome to exchange the pregnancy massage for a postnatal massage or any other service of your choice.
  7. If you are unable to use the Gift Certificate for yourself within the time it is valid you may allow a friend or family member to redeem the Gift Certificate on your behalf before it expires.
  8. Gift certificates that are for a monetary value rather than for a specified service can be used for your choice of  services and/or products within the store.
  9. Gift certificates that have been donated to organisations by Mama & Bump for various fundraisers and events are only able to be redeemed on services.  They cannot be redeemed for products within the store.
  10. Gift certificates that have been purchased for a specified service at Mama & Bump may be used by the recipient to purchase products from Mama & Bump instead of receiving the service that was gifted to them.  The value of the gift certificate will be based on the price of the service that was gifted at the time of purchase.

$10 OFF Discount Card – Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer only applies to the product or service specified on the $10 off card.  It can not be used for another product or service.
  2. Card must be surrendered at time of payment to receive offer.
  3. The offer only applies if used before the expiry date, specified on the reverse of the card.
  4. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers.
  5. The offer does not apply if redeeming a gift certificate.
  6. Limit of one discount card can be used per transaction.