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My path to becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist began when I decided I was in need of a career change, something that was focussed on helping others. I made the decision to boldly leave my secure long-term office job at the end of 2014 and shortly after in the following January, I began my massage training. My goal was always to focus on women’s health, pregnancy support and postnatal recovery.

I opened Mama & Bump in 2016 with a vision to provide a nurturing space for women seeking these services. Since this time it has grown to care for women throughout all stages of Motherhood.  I am invested in supporting women  to support their personal growth as they care and nurture themselves and others in their lives.  My desire to support women who are experiencing grief through the loss of a pregnancy or child has more recently led to a shared importance in my work.  I actively participate in research studies that are designed to measure the helpfulness of massage therapy to clients who have experienced loss as well as continuing to study extensively in this area.

It has been through my work as a qualified massage therapist that I discovered the benefits of massage to be far greater than simply that of relieving muscle tension and solving physical aches and pains.  I continue to study the mind-body-spirit connection to enhance the experience of my clients when receiving a treatment from me. I am extremely interested in the way our bodies store emotions, beliefs and memories in the body and continue to develop my knowledge further in this area.

I am a mum of three and therefore know how busy and demanding life can be. Nothing makes me happier than having the opportunity to assist you in taking care of and making time for you so that you can be the in the best in conquering whatever life stage you are in right now.

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