Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a gift certificate, can i book online?

Absolutely.  Please choose a day and time in the online system that suits you and then select ‘Pay in Person’ option.  Simply present your gift certificate at the time of your booking.  Additional payments can be made on the day should there be a difference between the value of your gift certificate and the value of the service you have chosen.

Unfortunately at this point in time Physical/Cardboard Gift Certificate numbers that don’t start with a person’s name can’t be redeemed online using ‘apply coupon’, only the Email/Digital Gift Certificates numbers can be or those that begin with a person’s name.  Therefore please select ‘Pay in Person’ and present your gift voucher at your appointment. It is not imperative to ‘redeem’ your gift certificate number online.

2. Do you have to be pregnant to have a massage at Mama & Bump?

Absolutely not. Mama & Bump offers massage therapy to all women, not just pregnancy and postnatal massage. Both remedial and relaxation treatments are available for non-pregnant clients and don’t worry, there are lots of lovely ladies that visit Mama & Bump for massage treatments who are not pregnant.

3. Is pregnancy massage safe?

Absolutely.  You are consulted before the commencement of each pregnancy massage you have at Mama & Bump.  This time is a chance to find out exactly what is going on with you and bubs, and keep up to date with the progressive changes happening with your body as the weeks pass by during your pregnancy.

4. What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage?

There are many benefits to receiving a pregnancy massage:

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Increase relaxation and improved sleep patterns
  • Treats the common discomforts of pregnancy
  • Decreases muscle tension, restores range of motion in joints and encourages good postural awareness
  • Elevates mood and has you feeling great
  • Speeds up blood and lymph circulation, transporting nutrients, eliminating wastes and reduces swelling
  • Provides a comforting and nurturing experience

5. When is the best time to have a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massages are suitable throughout your whole pregnancy, from the moment of conception – right up to the end.  Your individual needs are taken into consideration at every appointment to ensure the massage meets your needs on the day.

6. Why is it important to be treated by a therapist who has trained in pregnancy massage?

A therapist trained in pregnancy and postnatal massage will have a full understanding of the physiological changes that occur during these periods and what precautions need to be taken.  A trained therapist will use appropriate techniques for pregnancy and ensure that your treatment is catered towards your needs, always looking for signs and symptoms that ensure you are provided with the safest treatment possible.

7. I want to use my gift voucher on products within your shop instead of booking a massage, can i do this?

Yes you can!

Enter your gift certificate number exactly as it is displayed on your gift certificate into the ‘apply coupon’ box (at checkout).

The format of numbers has changed over the years.  Unfortunately some of the earlier vouchers were not able to adopt the better technology that the newer vouchers can access with the online shop, but they will all be able to be redeemed one way or another.  See below:

20181208 – If you have an 8 digit number that looks like this format, you will need to simply send me a text on 0413 954 653.  I can then provide you with a specific ‘coupon number’ that you will be able to use at checkout.

Renee-1234-1234-123 – If you have a number that includes a name, type it in exactly as you see it, including the name and the dashes between each group of numbers.  If the number is rejected but you have not used the voucher please simply send me a text on 0413 954 653 and i will provide you with a specific ‘coupon number’ that you will be able to use at check out.

1234-123-1234 – If your number includes three groups of numbers like this one, you have a newer version of the gift voucher numbers.  Most of these vouchers will have no trouble at checkout, ensuring you use the dashes between each set of numbers.  However if your voucher ends in 0001, 0002 or 0003 you will need to send me a text message on 0413 954 653 and you will be provided with a specific ‘coupon number’ that you will be able to use at checkout.

If your voucher has expired but you have not used it, it will still be honoured (forever).  An expired voucher will not be accepted at checkout.  Simply send me a text message and i will send you a ‘coupon number’ that you can apply at checkout.

Please note that postage rates will apply if purchasing products from the online store unless you are redeeming the voucher in person.

8. Does Mama & Bump offer health rebates?

Mama & Bump offers private health rebates on remedial services.  Most Health Insurance companies offer rebates on remedial massage, however it is best that you check with your provider the level of insurance you have and what you are able to claim.  Mama & Bump currently does not offer HICAPS.  Please note that currently private health rebates can be claimed with Renee only.  Claire looks forward to offering this soon.

A.C.A Health Benefits Fund
Australian Unity
Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund
CBHS Health Fund Ltd
CUA Health Limited
Defence Health
Doctors Fund
Frank Health Insurance
GU Health
HBF Health
Health Care Insurance Limited
Health Partner
Latrobe Health Services (federation health)
Medibank Private
Mildura District Hospital Fund
Navy Health Fund
Peoplecare Health Insurance
Phoenix Health Fund
Police Health Fund
Queensland Country Health Ltd
Railway & Transport Health Fund Ltd
St Luke’s Health
Teachers Union Health
Teachers Federation Health
Transport Health
Worksafe Victoria

9. Do you have a cancellation fee?

It is requested that where possible, 4 hours notice is given upon cancellation of your appointment.  It is understood that life certainly can get in the way, and things pop up unexpectedly.  The time that you have booked is set aside for you especially and time is a valuable asset to everyone, therefore where more notice can be given, this is greatly appreciated.

10. Do you have a table with a hole in it for pregnancy massage?

No. It is the preference at Mama & Bump to position you in a sidelying position for massage of the back once you bump has begun to grow (trimester two and onwards).  You will be surprised how comfy this is, supported with a number of cushions and pillows.  This allows for full support of your body and reduces the strain of your lower back.

11. Do I need my doctor’s clearance before I have a pregnancy massage?

For any pregnancy that has had some form of complication Mama & Bump insist on working with your Doctor or midwife to ensure that massage is safe for you and your bump.  If you have any of the following, please discuss with your Doctor or midwife, or if unsure give us a call to check:

  • Diabetes (type I, type II and gestational diabetes)
  • Cardiac Disorders / Heart Disease
  • Chronic Hypertension / Gestational Hypertension
  • Pre-Eclampsia
  • Kidney Conditions
  • Risk of Miscarriage
  • Bleeding
  • Placenta Abnormalities / Placenta Previa
  • Severe Asthma
  • Multiple Births
  • Blood Clotting Disorders
  • Foetal Heartbeat or Movement abnormalities
  • Complications from a previous pregnancies

12.     What should I wear to my massage appointment?

You should come as comfy as you please.  Loose clothing allows you to undress/dress a little easier so this may be a consideration for you.  Consider garments that wash well and don’t mind contact with oiled skin.

13.     What if I arrive late to my appointment?

Don’t panic, and please drive safe.  Notify Mama & Bump where possible and depending on the next booking, your appointment may be able to go over time.  In peak times, please understand that sometimes this will not be possible.  Consultation times will not be cut short to increase the treatment time, as checking up on your health is the highest priority.

14.     Why do all appointments have an additional consult time?

Regardless of the service you have booked in for, checking up on your health at each appointment is the way that you can be sure you will be receiving the best treatment possible.  The consult time begins at the time of your selected booking time, and the treatment will begin at the completion of the consult.  You do not need to arrive earlier than your booked appointment time for your consult.

15.     How can I get the most out of my massage?

Some helpful things to remember are:

If you have a cough or cold, reschedule to when you are feeling better. Yes coughs and colds can spread but resting your body is just as important.  Having a massage is similar to a light work-out for your body.  The best thing you can do is reduce the stress placed on your body and let it recover quicker.

Eating a large meal immediately before your massage can cause some discomfort to you as you lie down for your treatment.  Try to have a small snack instead or give your larger meal some time to digest before your massage appointment.

Relax.  You will get the most from your massage if you allow yourself to check out of your daily demands for a bit.  Don’t be at all concerned about hairy legs, sweaty feet, chipped nail polish, body shape or size.

16.     What is the benefit of a postnatal massage?

The postnatal period is considered 3 months or less since giving birth.  You can be assured that you will be positioned in a way that is of most comfort to you, the sidelying position is commonly used for this.

You have a whole new set of challenges now, quite commonly the postural changes of feeding and nursing, fatigue and a healing musculoskeletal system.

17.     How soon after giving birth can I have a massage?

Massage is so great for mums after they have given birth.  It allows them to reconnect with their body and appreciate the recovery mode that it is now undertaking.  As soon as you feel you are ready, you can book in for a massage.

Please check with your doctor or midwife first if you are 6 weeks postnatal or less before booking in.  Complications can occur during the birth despite a smooth pregnancy and in this case your doctor or midwife will determine the suitability of a massage for you during this time.

Relaxation is the focus in the first few weeks post birth.  This is to prevent over-stimulation of the body and allow it to recover.

18. Do you offer child-minding?

Unfortunately child minding is not available at Mama & Bump.  Your newborn is welcome to accompany you to your appointment but for safety, they must be secured in a capsule or pram throughout the duration of the treatment.

19.  Do you offer home visits?

Home visits are currently not offered at Mama & Bump.

20. Is the shop open at some stage throughout the week to take a look at?

Mama & Bump now offers online bookings for ‘Instore shopping’ and ‘Online Order Collection’.  These times are offered around bookings with clients.  You can make a booking to simply browse items you are interested in, or if you have ordered items online and prefer to pick up in person, this is a great option for you.  After placing the order online, please proceed to making a booking for collection.  Please ensure you let us know if you can’t make the booking you have made, as this time will be set aside for you.

21. You used to offer ‘Pick up in store’ for online purchases, is this still available?

Yes, this option is still available.  You must now book a collection time once you have placed your order online.