10 Things to be Shame-Free About

10 Things to be Shame-free about During your Massage:

  1. Hairy Legs
  2. Passing Wind
  3. The need to blow your nose
  4. Wriggling to get comfy
  5. Your feet
  6. Acne, Scars and Stretch marks
  7. Falling asleep
  8. Toilet stops
  9. Talking or Not Talking
  10. Your body (size, shape or otherwise)

You will benefit the most from your treatment when you feel relaxed.  Your body will be fully draped, only exposing the area of the body that is being massaged at the time.

The massage sequence will be discussed with you before commencing.  If you are not comfortable having a certain area of your body massaged, this is not a problem.  The sequence will be altered to meet your comfort level.