Massage After Loss

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Duration of Treatment

This treatment involves a 60 minute massage treatment.


Do private health rebates apply to this service?

Massage After Loss $170

What is a Massage After Loss Treatment?

Massage After Loss is a nurturing and gentle massage for those experiencing grief.

There is no expectation to verbally share about your grief,  you are welcome to share as little or as much as you feel comfortable without receiving any judgement, advice or opinions. 

The treatment itself will be dedicated to soothing the symptoms of the stress triggered by grief away from the rest of the world.

Much consideration is given to your needs on the day with music choice and an understanding that it’s difficult to leave the comfort and safety of your home when grieving and to meet the energy levels of social expectation.

Massage after loss treatments are offered on a Thursday.  This day is exclusively dedicated to these bookings ensuring no other service can be booked on this day.


Grief and The Body

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Gift certificates available!

Treat that special lady to a moment of self-care with a Mama & Bump gift certificate which can be used for massage services and treatment toolkits.