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Frequently Asked Questions

Find information about Massage, The Studio and Gift Cards here.

  • Are you currently pregnant after experiencing a previous pregnancy loss after 20 weeks? 


    We are looking for women to participate in a clinical feasibility study titled Mixed-methods single-arm repeated measures study evaluating the feasibility of massage as an adjunct approach to care for pregnant women who have experienced a stillbirth


    Specialised antenatal care for women experiencing pregnancy after a stillbirth (pregnancy loss after 20 weeks) is recommended, however, there is a lack of direct evidence on what specific interventions or approaches to care might benefit women. Massage may assist women who are pregnant after a stillbirth via decreasing anxiety, worry and stress. The team of Dr Sarah Fogarty & Professor Phillipa Hay from Western Sydney University, Professor Alexander Heazell, from the University of Manchester and Associate Professor Munk from Indiana University aim to measure the feasibility of massage as an adjunct approach to care for pregnant women who have experienced a stillbirth. 


    You are eligible if:

    •   Are currently pregnant and have experienced a previous pregnancy loss after 20 weeks

    •   Are 18 years of age or greater

    •   Between 13 and 30 weeks of pregnancy

    •   Are able to attend one of the study pregnancy massage therapists’ clinics located within Australia

    •  Able to complete four treatment appointments within a four month period

    You will receive: A minimum of four free massage treatments within a four month period at intervals of your choosing


    Study Locations In-person appointments available at: ACT: Canberra and surrounds including Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra & Googong NSW: Bathurst, Croydon Park, Marrickville & Uralla NT: Coconut Grove QLD: Bardon, Glass House Mountains, Norman Park, North Brisbane, Toowoomba & Wulguru SA: Allenby Gardens, Gawler, Hendon & Highbury TAS: Riverside VIC: Boronia, Croydon, Gardenvale, Plenty, Richmond, & Williams Landing WA: Aveley


    If you’re unsure if you meet the requirements, you would like more information or you would like to participate, please contact  Dr Sarah Fogarty, PhD Chief Investigator at or 0405 078 914 


    This study has ethics approval from Western Sydney University Human Ethics Committee: H15261

  • Answer: No.

    Massage is available to women who are conquering all stages of life.

  • Answer: Yes.

    All health funds can be claimed at Mama & Bump on Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Massage and Remedial Massage Treatments.  Rebates are not available for Relaxation Massage Services.

    If you forget to bring your private health fund membership card with you on the day, you will be emailed a receipt allowing you to make the claim directly with your health insurer.

    Please check with your health fund regarding your level of cover for remedial massage – this varies between insurance companies and levels of cover.

  • Answer:

    A pregnancy massage is tailored to a pregnant body and is available in all trimesters. The treatment can have a remedial or relaxation focus and this can be discussed on the day. Only a remedial focused treatment is able to claim private health rebates.

    A postnatal massage is catered to the first 12 weeks post the birth of baby or longer if you prefer the comfort of the supportive cushions that accommodate breastfeeding women. It can have a remedial or relaxation focus and this can be discussed on the day. Private health rebates can be received for this treatment if it has a remedial focus.

    A women’s massage is for any woman who is currently not pregnant or is not less than 13 weeks postnatal. Women’s massages can have a relaxation or remedial focus which can be discussed on the day. Private health rebates can be received for this treatment if it has a remedial focus.

  • Answer:

    A Remedial Massage is aimed at treating physical injuries. Chronic neck pain, back aches and restricted movement in the joints are examples of these. If you have a certain physical ailment that you wish to pinpoint for treatment, a remedial massage is an appropriate treatment option. Various remedial techniques can be used by the therapist to improve the ailment, increase range of movement and decrease pain. 

    Commonly misunderstood in the massage industry, a remedial massage does not necessarily mean an intensely firm pressure massage. Many effective techniques that are used do not elicit high levels of pain and discomfort such as resistance stretching and myofascial releases. The therapist will always work within your pain tolerance and monitor the effectiveness of each technique used.

    A Relaxation Massage is aimed at comforting and soothing the body. High levels of stress and emotional burdens can be eased through a relaxation massage. Slow, long strokes are used to encourage relaxation and often these treatments are used for a full body experience rather than directed at one area of the body. 

  • Answer:

    Massage therapy helps with many health conditions:

    • Neck and Shoulder Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Headaches
    • Swelling
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Post Workout Soreness
    • Low energy levels
    • Joint restriction or stiffness
    • Pelvic Girdle Pain

  • Answer:

    There are three ways you can make a booking:
    1 – Book Online
    2 – Send a Text Message
    3 – Phone

    Please be aware that Mama & Bump does not have a receptionist. Your messages and calls are responded to at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your patience with this. To ensure that clients receive full attention during their Mama & Bump visit, the phone is set to silent mode. Calls and messages are not responded to when a client is in attendance. If your phone call is not answered, please leave a voicemail and be assured that your text or call will be responded to as soon as possible.

    Please beware that phone calls, voicemails, text messages and social media messages that are sent after hours will be replied to promptly during the next working day.

  • Answer:

    Please view our Policies

  • Answer:

    A therapist trained in pregnancy and postnatal massage will have a full understanding of the physiological changes that occur during these periods and what precautions need to be taken. A trained therapist will use appropriate techniques for pregnancy and ensure that your treatment is catered towards your needs, positioning you appropriately as you grow and always looking for signs and symptoms that ensure you are provided with the safest treatment possible.

  • Answer:

    Here at Mama & Bump - time is made for companionship and listening as well as understanding that grief is stressful, isolating and exhausting. It’s not just about a massage. It’s about feeling supported without having to pretend that everything is okay.

  • Answer: No.

    It is the preference at Mama & Bump to position you in a side lying position for massage once your bump has begun to grow (trimester two and onwards). You will be surprised how comfy this is, supported with several cushions and pillows. This allows for full support of your body and reduces the strain on the lumbar area of your low back.  In addition this position allows for increased remedial techniques to be used to ease muscular discomfort.

    A pregnancy pillow option is offered in the first 22 weeks of a singleton pregnancy, allowing you to lay face down comfortably.

  • Answer:

    Massage is safe during all trimesters of pregnancy. There is no ‘cut off’ date as to when you have to cease massage treatments. In the later weeks of the pregnancy, women will frequently visit right up to their 40th week and in some cases beyond. I advise you to ensure you feel generally ‘well’ before coming in at the end of your pregnancy. If you feel a bit ‘off’ then I recommend you stay home and rest. Women will also frequently book a massage on the day of or day before their planned C-section to help ease feelings of anticipation.

    Massage can begin after the birth as soon as you feel ready. If coming in before your 6 week check-up, please confirm with your doctor or midwife that they consent to the massage. This is simply a protocol to ensure there is nothing still of concern being followed up since the birth. Postnatal treatments are for women in the first 12 weeks post birth. Positioning on the table is specifically catered to your needs and ensures comfort for both breast feeding and non-breast feeding clients.

  • Answer: 

    This will vary person to person and depends on your needs.
    If you are looking to improve an acute condition that is causing pain, you may look to have a massage more frequently at first and then begin to reduce as the pain is resolved.

    It is important to remember that you cannot expect your condition to be corrected or fixed in one single treatment. If you are maintaining a condition or receive massage for general well-being and as a preventative measure you may prefer a massage every 3-6 weeks, or at a rate that works well for you individually on a consistent basis.

    It is helpful to remember that massage kept up regularly will bring the greatest results. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative, the more often you receive a massage, the more quickly your body will respond.

  • Answer: No.

    Unfortunately at this time, mobile massage service is not available.

  • Answer:

    Suggestions to increase the results of your massage are:

    • Arrive on time to your appointment. Arriving in a rushed state may take you longer to relax on the table.
    • Let your therapist know what it is you hope to achieve from your massage.
    • Begin your massage with an empty bladder and try not to eat a full meal right before arriving. Eating a large meal immediately before your massage can cause you discomfort as you lay on the massage table. Try to have a small snack instead or give your larger meal some time to digest before arriving.
    • If you have a cough or cold, reschedule to when you are feeling better. Yes, coughs and colds can spread but resting your body is just as important. Having a massage is similar to a light work-out for your body. The body will recover quicker when you reduce the stress you place on it.
    • Relax. You will get the most benefits when you allow yourself to check out of your daily demands for the time you are on the table. Don’t be concerned about hairy legs, sweaty feet, chipped nail polish, body shape etc.

  • Answer: Yes.

    Massage is a great friend to the above-mentioned allied health professionals. Your massage appointments can be integrated into your health plan to manage your condition along with these other complementary appointments. I will work with your health professional to ensure the most effective treatment is provided.

  • Answer:

    Baby is welcome to accompany you to your massage, most babies are happy to settle quietly to the side in the first 8 weeks. Babies up to 12 weeks are welcome.  Your baby is required to be safely secured in a pram or capsule during your treatment as child minding is not available at Mama & Bump and caring for the safety of you and your baby is of upmost importance. Your baby is able to be nursed by you on the table at times, but this can restrict the treatment provided to you.  Providing bubs with a feed before the massage often works well before proceeding to settle them for your appointment.

  • Answer: Yes.

    Please see ‘Meet Renee’ to see her relevant qualifications.

  • Answer: No.

    Unfortunately massage services are not covered by Medicare.

  • Answer:

    Draping is known as the towels, sheets and blankets used to cover you while you are on the massage table. Strict draping guidelines are followed at Mama & Bump to ensure you feel comfortable.

    You will always be draped appropriately, only the area being massaged at the time will be uncovered. Your privacy is of highest priority.
    Lighter draping is available for warmer bodies and warmer months, additional draping is added to increase your warmth. This is discussed with you at your massage.

    The treatment room offers heating and cooling for your comfort.

  • Answer:

    Depending on what area of the body you choose to have massaged, will decide what clothing articles to remove for your massage. A full body massage requires you to disrobe down to your underwear for your massage, therefore keep this in mind when deciding what to wear. Comfortable clothing that allows you to dress and undress easily will be helpful to you.

    It is best to remove all jewellery before your massage. Please also consider this when choosing what to wear to your appointment. Your therapist will leave the room to allow you to both undress before your massage and get dressed upon completion of your massage.

    Underwear bottoms must be worn at all times, whilst a bra is optional. Please be aware that a sports bra or crop top will need to be removed if your back is receiving massage so that this area can effectively be accessed and treated.

    Your comfort level is considered at all times when it comes to undressing for your massage. If you wish to keep your bra on, but have your back massaged, a bra that can be unclipped from the back is highly recommended.

    Breastfeeding mums who feel more secure with their bra on are encouraged to wear a bra that unclips from the back also.

  • Answer:

    If your pregnancy has been identified as ‘high risk’ for any reason, it is asked that you check with your medical team that they are happy for you to receive massages for the duration of your pregnancy.

    If you have any of the following, please discuss with your Doctor or midwife:

    • Cardiac Disorders / Heart Disease
    • Chronic Hypertension / Gestational Hypertension
    • Pre-Eclampsia
    • Kidney Conditions
    • Risk of Miscarriage
    • Current Bleeding
    • Placenta Abnormalities / Placenta Previa
    • Severe Asthma
    • Multiple Birth Pregnancy
    • Blood Clotting Disorders
    • Foetal Heartbeat or Movement abnormalities
    • Complications from a previous pregnancy that you are being monitored for during your current pregnancy.

  • Answer:

    Mama & Bump is owner operated and does not have a receptionist. The studio offers bookings only by appointment, therefore does not offer walk in enquires or gift voucher purchases. Your messages and calls are responded to at the earliest availability. Thank you for your patience with regard to this. To ensure clients are given full attention during their appointments, the studio phone is on silent. Please leave a voicemail if your call is missed be assured that your text or call will be responded to as soon as possible.

    Please feel free to:
    1 – Send a text message
    2 – Email
    3 – Call

    Messages sent through Facebook and Instagram are monitored less frequently. Please send a text message to ensure you are promptly relied to.

    Messages, emails and phone calls will be responded to during work hours, therefore please know you will be responded to on the following day should you contact during an evening or on a day that Mama & Bump is closed for business.

  • Answer:

    Sometimes this can’t be helped. Please call or send a text to advise that you’re running late. Depending on your arrival time and the booking that follows yours, your full treatment time may still be able to be provided. If not, we will work within the time allowed.

  • Answer:

    Massage After Loss offers a space with specialised knowledge in the many behaviours of grief, allowing the massage therapist to adapt to the needs of the client at any given time throughout the treatment. Additional to this, considerations surrounding the comfort of the client including the music selection and the time provided for the client are very important. Therapists offering Massage After Loss have a sound awareness of the many physical symptoms caused by grief such as loss of appetite and poor sleep patterns bringing assurance to the client that their every need is taken account of.

  • No.  Our services do not include postpartum binding.

Questions About Massage

  • Please find the Terms & Conditions here.

  • If your voucher has expired or simply is not accepted when trying to redeem online, please email us at, and we will gladly rectify this for you. 

  • Please let me know that you are wishing to redeem your gift card before baby arrives by completing the ‘Cancellation List’ form. I will do my best to find a spot for you within your given time frame where I can.  

    You may alternatively decide to use your voucher after baby arrives.

  • Yes absolutely.  As per the gift card terms and conditions, there may be an additional payment required depending on the value of your gift card and the service you choose.

  • Mama & Bump is owner-operated and therefore Renee is unavailable to attend to the shop when client bookings are taking place.  Please get in contact if you wish to collect a gift card. Please understand that her availability can be limited at times and this means you may not be able to purchase in-store to collect a gift card with short notice. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Questions About Gift Cards

Questions About The Studio

  • Mama & Bump operates 9.30am - 3pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

    Nurture Her After Loss treatments are exclusively available on Thursdays to respect client's privacy away from pregnant and postpartum clients.

  • Yes.

    Mama & Bump operates by appointment only.

  • There is ample car parking available.

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