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Gift Certificates

  • As per Australian regulations and the Fair Trading Act 1987 reform, all gift vouchers purchased after 10th December 2018 have a three year expiry date from the date of purchase. The expiration date is stated clearly on each voucher.

  • Gift vouchers that have expired will still be honoured, however only for the value they were purchased for, even in the instance that the voucher was purchased for a specific service. Please get in touch with us if you are unclear of your voucher’s value.

  • Expired gift vouchers are not able to be redeemed online, please contact Mama & Bump to use.

  • Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

  • Private health fund rebates cannot be claimed when paying in full by gift voucher. Where a gift voucher will cover part of the cost of service, private health rebates may be claimed on the remaining ‘out of pocket’ balance.

  • Gift vouchers are not refundable.

  • Please present your gift voucher at the time of your booking either in hard copy or via your phone.

  • Gift vouchers can be used over multiple transactions until a zero balance remains.

  • Multiple gift vouchers may be used in one transaction.

  • Gift vouchers may be used with other forms of payment in the same transaction.

  • All vouchers, whether for a specific service or dollar amount are honoured as the  dollar amount it was purchased for.  Therefore you may use the voucher as you choose for any service or products at Mama & Bump. You may use the voucher to contribute towards a higher value purchase and pay the difference with another form of payment method.

  • Price increases may occur between the time of receiving a gift voucher and redeeming it. A voucher that is for a specific service rather than a dollar value will be honoured with no difference to pay despite the change in price as a result of a price increase during its period of validity only when redeeming the service specified on the voucher.  Should you opt to receive a different service or spend the value on products instead of services, the value of the gift voucher remains at the amount it was purchased for.

  • Service offerings may change between the time of receiving a gift voucher and redeeming it.  In the instance that the service you were gifted no longer exists, due to being deleted from the service list, the gift voucher will be valued at the amount the voucher was purchased for. This value will be clearly displayed on the voucher. It may be used to buy goods and/or services up to its dollar value or may be used to contribute towards a higher value purchase with the additional cost to be at the expense of the voucher recipient.


Promotional Gift Cards

Promotional gift cards of any kind that have been issued by Mama & Bump and not purchased on your behalf by friends and family members can only be used to purchase services from Mama & Bump unless the card specifies otherwise. Promotional gift cards can not be redeemed for cash and have a 3-month expiry date from the date of issue unless another date is stated on the card.

Terms & Conditions

Everything you need to know about our gift certificates & promotional gift cards.

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